What is Oyster Venom?

We want to make you into the most amazing host, so that you can create awesome times for your loved ones, which they will remember forever.

If entertaining your friends at home is a daunting thought because you worry about getting it wrong, or you don’t feel you have the space or the know-how to create something really special, then Oyster Venom is just what you need.

How Will You Benefit From Oyster Venom?

A systematic way of learning new skills, whatever your level, to build confidence in your own ability.

Be part of an online community where you can share tips, ideas and discuss all things entertaining.

Step by step guides to creating events and celebrations so you don’t forget anything.

Inspiration to ensure your events are unique and special to make you the awesome host you deserve to be.

Help with the whole experience of music, food and drink saving you lots of time, effort and energy.

The hard work and planning are done so you can focus on the fun and enjoyment.

How Oyster Venom Entertaining Works

The art of effortless entertaining is a journey and we want to be with you every step of the way.

1: Join the Members Area to learn new skills, tips and inspiration about food, drink and music.

2: Receive weekly insights, updates offers and prizes on all things entertaining.

3: Discover how easy entertaining can be with our monthly Pearls of Wisdom event planner – your step by step guide to organising your next get-together.

4: Enjoy great times with your friends.

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Let’s get you started on your journey to effortless entertaining with Oyster Venom.

There is so much information out there about entertaining and what it takes to be a great host.  Sometimes it can be hard to know where to look and information overload can be overwhelming.

At Oyster Venom, we want to give you all the knowledge you want but in bite size pieces.  Think of it as a lovely meal, with each course being served to you in an appetising way so you can savour every mouthful and with plenty of time to digest with ease.

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Oyster Venom in a Nutshell

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We would never want you to sign up for something that you haven’t seen, so why not take a look at a sample of our Pearls of Wisdom, which you will receive monthly.

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We want our blog to be your go to source of information and inspiration. So dive deep and feed your curiosity.

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Different snippets to inspire oodles of ingenious ideas, solutions and awesome events.

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