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What is Oyster Venom?

We want to make you into the most amazing host, so that you can create fantastic get-togethers for your loved ones, which they will remember forever.

If entertaining your friends at home is a daunting thought because you worry about getting it wrong, or you don’t feel you have the space or the know-how to create something really special, then Oyster Venom is just what you need.

How Does Oyster Venom Work?

The art of effortless entertaining is a wonderful journey and we want to be with you every step of the way.

1. Take a look around

Our website is full of information to help you. Learn new skills, get tips and inspiration about food, drink and music. Receive insights, updates and offers on all things entertaining.

2. Choose which guide you would like

We have lots of themes that you can choose from. Once you've decided on your Pearl of Wisdom, you can access the information straight away and start planning.

3. Follow the guide for stress-free planning

Discover how easy entertaining can be with our Pearls of Wisdom Menu Ideas - your step by step guide to organising your next get-together.

4. Enjoy great times with friends and family

Oyster Venom helps you plan your gathering so you can be as cool as a cucumber and savour every moment.

More About Pearls of Wisdom

Everything You Need For Your Next Get-together

Oyster Venom has created a range of Pearls of Wisdom Guides which offer the whole kit and caboodle for great nights in with your friends. 

Food and drink suggestions with ideas about menus, food and drink pairings, leaning new skills, along with setting the scene, adding music and finishing touches.

We want to give you the ultimate to-do list for ultra-memorable times with those you care about.

Here’s what’s included:-

Detailed Recipes

You will receive recipes for the whole meal, so usually that would be something to nibble with pre-dinner drinks, then a starter, followed by a main course an then a dessert to finish.

Music Playlists

We take the hassle out of creating a great atmosphere using great music.

Drinks Ideas

Suggestions for pre dinner drinks and wine or beer with the meal.  We always include an interesting alcohol free option as well as ideas for drinks with desserts or a good digestif.

Setting the Scene

Sending out invites, what you will need in the way of crockery, cutlery, glassware. How you decorate the place.

Master Shopping List

All the ingredients you will need in the form of a checklist so you can tick off what you need and what you already have. Then you need to multiple it by the number of people you want to invite.

“To Do” Timetable

We believe that planning is everything, so we include your list of what you need to do and when, so that you wont forget anything and you will find the whole preparation much easier and stress-free.

Oyster Venom in a Nutshell

We are your go-to guide for get-togethers.

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