Delicious Lemon Meringue Hot Chocolate Recipe

Lemon Meringue Hot Chocolate Recipe

You must try this simple but very tasty hot drink! We promise you will be hooked instantly and what better way to warm up on a winter evening than with this Drissert, the drink that thinks it’s a dessert.

Sometimes it’s good to spoil yourself and those around you and here’s the drink to do just that!  Discover how easy it is to make a drink which tastes like a dessert.

lemon meringue hot chocolate - delicious drink that tastes like a dessert

The limoncello liqueur cuts through the richness of the white chocolate. The mini meringues bobbing around on the top give a crunch and sweetness to this winter warmer, that looks amazing and is created in minutes.

If friends call round unexpectedly or you want to make something sweet and light to finish off a meal, then this little recipe will come to the rescue.  Going out for a walk?  Then pop this drink into a flask and serve a hot chocolate to surprise your friends.

Delicious Hot White Chocolate Recipe for 2 People


250ml milk
2 heaped tbsp mascarpone cheese
75g white chocolate, finely chopped
3 tbsp limoncello liqueur
10 mini meringues or larger meringues broken into smaller pieces
1 tsp lemon zest (optional)

Here’s How

  1. Place the milk and mascarpone into a pan and whisk over a heat until combined.
  2. Continue to heat until the milk is just about to boil
  3. Put the chopped chocolate into a bowl
  4. Pour the hot milk mixture over the while chocolate and gently stir until the chocolate has fully melted.
  5. Add the limoncello to the mixture then pour into sturdy heat resistant glasses or mugs.
  6. Top with mini meringues, optional lemon zest and serve with a spoon

Enjoy x

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