Cooking Food for Friends? Here’s Our Top 9 Favourite Recipe Pictures to Inspire

Cooking Food for Friends


Having friends around for a bite to eat should be a joy, right?  

Absolutely!  But if you’ve had a tough week and not enough time to plan, cooking food for friends can be a challenge.  Creating the perfect menu, drinks to match, and cool music can be a bit of a stretch. Not to mention those unique finishing touches to make your friends and family feel really special.

You want to make home-cooked food using great produce. The drinks need to be delicious and different. Plus, a great atmosphere is vital.

But as with all ideal scenarios, the reality can look slightly different when life gets in the way!

You don’t always have the time to plan and prepare, so you often feel that your get-together could have been better and next time will be different.

And do you know what? Next time can be different if you use an Oyster Venom Guide. 

These guides will help you create stress-free get-togethers, save time on the planning and preparation, leaving you to enjoy cooking great meals for your friends and family, using quality produce.

Here’s what each guide includes:-

  • Complete menu with easy detailed recipes for each element of the dishes you will cook
  • Drinks inspiration for each course, including an alcohol-free option.
  • Music playlist to create atmosphere just ready for you to download.
  • Master shopping list so you have everything you need (based on 2,4,6 or 8 people).
  • To-do timetable so you can prepare in advance and don’t forget anything.
  • Finishing touches to make your dinner party unique and memorable.

Oyster Venom thinks of everything, so you don’t have to. You take the credit for being an amazing host, and your guests enjoy a fantastic get-together.

Our Top 9 Favourite Recipe Pictures From The Oyster Venom Guides 

There are many guides to choose from, and here’s a selection of pictures of our recipes to give you an idea of what you’ll be making, next time you’re cooking food for friends.

1. Salmon Fillet Cooked En Papillote

Salmon fillet flavoured with ginger, soy, and lemon and served on courgette ribbons. Accompanied by pesto baked potatoes and Thai spicy slaw.  

From Oyster Venom’s En Papillote Lunch Guide


2. Goulash Soup with Mini Potato Rosti

Hearty mountain food at its best with big flavours and crispy rosti for the ultimate croutons.

From Oyster Venom’s Apres Ski Night Guide


3. Smoothie Shots 

Who doesn’t love a smoothie?  Strawberry and Muesli, Coffee and Banana or for a savoury twist try Cucumber, Courgette and Mint.  There are optional additions of alcohol to compliment each flavour as well…. you see, we do think of everything.

From Oyster Venom’s Bunch for Brunch Guide


4. Choux Buns 

These are homemade and filled with caramelised pears and rum mascarpone then topped with hot chocolate sauce – delicious!

From Oyster Venom’s Stylish Supper Guide


5. Chestnuts Coated in Red Pesto

Chestnuts are a taste of winter and the tangy red pesto really brings out their flavour.  They taste even better if eaten straight from the pan in skiwear!

From Oyster Venom’s Vegetarian Apres Ski Night


6. Pink Margarita 

Margaritas come in all flavours and sizes – we’ve chosen to celebrate the cherry with this hardcore cocktail.  Don’t worry we do have an alcohol free creation as well.

From Oyster Venom’s En Papillote Lunch Guide


7. Haddock, Tomato and Coconut Curry with Roti 

Fish curries are delicious – they just take on so much flavour and are a perfect addition to our Street Food Style Banquet.

From Oyster Venom’s Indian Style Street Food Guide


8. Stuffed Aubergine 

Aubergine slices stuffed with mushrooms and served with a mustard sauce. Accompanied by courgette leek and cashews.

From Oyster Venom’s Stylish Vegetarian Supper Guide


9. Chunks of Beef Chilli with Pepper Rice

This chilli con carne is more of a casserole with lovely chunks of tasty slow-cooked beef.

From Oyster Venom’s Halloween Day of the Dead Dinner Guide – this guide is a sample 


Could you use some help from Oyster Venom next time you’re Cooking for Friends?

It’s really easy – you’re only 4 steps away from a stress-free get-together. Our helpful guides create home-cooked feasts guaranteed to spoil your guests.

  1. Visit our online shop and have a look around.
  2. Decide on a guide – there are several to choose from.
  3. Purchase your guide using our secure payments, where you have lifetime access to your guide.
  4. Follow the guide and start planning your next get-together.

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