Easy Savoury Pancake Dish You’ll Love: Delicious Classic Flavours with a Contemporary Twist

  Pancake Tuesday is nearly here and this year it coincides with Saint David’s Day so here’s a recipe which includes pancakes of course, and celebrates some delicious Welsh produce.    Baked Leek and Parma Ham Wrapped in a Pancake, … Read More

Sharing Platters

Platters Are the Future of Great Entertaining – Pass It On

The way we entertain at home is evolving. The food we serve, the way we serve it, and even what we serve it on! We are becoming a nation of sharers… that’s really sweet, isn’t it?  But really, we are … Read More

Popcorn: Try These Unique Ideas to Make It POP With Flavour

If you think popcorn is only for when you’re watching a film, then you’re missing out on a highly versatile ingredient. Un-popped, the corn kernels will sit in your cupboard, just waiting to pop into life when required. You can … Read More

easy entertaining ideas

Entertaining at Home: Let Go of Perfection and Embrace the Fun

You don’t have to watch TV for long before you see adverts promoting those well known supermarkets specialising in immaculately presented food for entertaining at home. Not a lumpy sauce in sight, or a roast looking a bit too roasted. … Read More

Planning a Get-together: What Can Oyster Venom Bring to Your Table?

There is something lovely about being invited to a friends house for a get-together. It always feels more special and you can relax and have a great time with those you care about. These days, get-togethers at home are becoming … Read More

Staying in Is the New Going Out : Here’s Why It’s so Popular

Got friends coming round to your place? Discover why staying in is the new going out. Learn how you can create a brilliant atmosphere, great food, inspirational music all in the comfort of your own home, for a memorable night … Read More

Entertaining at Home: Are You Out of Your Depth?

  There is nothing more personal than an invitation to have dinner with friends in their own home, where they prepare a wonderful meal. Eating in is so much more relaxing than eating out. At Oyster Venom, we believe entertaining … Read More

The Smartest Crockery Purchase – You’ll Be Bowled Over

Entertaining has really moved on – gone are the days when you needed a 275 piece dinner service before you could even consider having people for dinner. Then you needed a stylish dining room with a super-large table and the … Read More

launch Oyster Venom

We’re Ready to Launch Oyster Venom – Woohoo!

  It’s taken a while but our little idea is almost ready.  It’s time to launch Oyster Venom into the big world wide web. We are very excited about our creation and how it will help others. Luckily, we’ve been … Read More