Dinner Party Menu Ideas

Need a Bit of Inspiration to Create your Next Dinner Party Menu?

We're here to help you on your culinary journey

Have You Invited Family and Friends for a Bite to Eat at Your Place? Maybe You’re Struggling to Find Stress-free Dinner Party Menu Ideas to Spoil Them?

You just want someone to suggest a delicious dinner party menu and give you all the recipes with tips on drinks to match.  
 Oh… and an excellent music playlist would be good, plus a few finishing touches to make your get-together really special. 
 Then it would be great to get a complete shopping list of everything you’ll need and a to-do timetable, so you can be super-organised and cool as a cucumber when everyone arrives.

Does That Kind of Dinner Party Menu Plan Even Exist?

Oh yes!  At Oyster Venom, we’ve created a selection of step-by-step guides for get-togethers.  Our outside-the-box ideas for home-cooked dinner party food are guaranteed to spoil your family and friends.

We think of everything, so you don’t have to. You take the credit for being the amazing host you are, and everyone has a great time!

So What's in Each Guide?

Complete menu with easy detailed recipes for each element of the dishes you will cook.

Drinks inspiration for each course, including an alcohol-free option.

Music playlist to create atmosphere just ready for you to download.

Master shopping list so you have everything you need (based on 2,4,6 or 8 people).

To-do timetable so you can prepare in advance and don’t forget anything.

Finishing touches to make your dinner party unique and memorable.

Each guide costs £8.95 – the price of a nice glass of wine or a good piece of cheese to make your life easier and your guests feel special.  Keep reading to get details of our special discount for you.

There are plenty of guides to choose from, including vegetarian options, feasts, and more traditional menu formats.

The guides are digital, so they are available as soon as you make your payment. Instant access means you can get started straight away.

There is nothing more satisfying than looking around a room filled with your friends to see them laughing and having a wonderful time because of something you did ….. something you created, for them.

Imagine being known as the ‘go to’ person for memorable times, how great would that make you feel?

How Do You Buy an Oyster Venom Pearl of Wisdom Guide?

Stylish Supper Dinner Party Recipes - Oyster Venom Product
Vegetarian Apres Ski Night Menu - Oyster Venom Product
En papillote lunch menu guide - Oyster Venom Product

It’s so easy – you’re only four steps away from your next get-together with Oyster Venom’s dinner party menu ideas:-

  1. Look around our online shop.
  2. Decide on a guide – there are several to choose from.
  3. Purchase your guide using our secure payments, where you have lifetime access to your guide.
  4. Follow the guide and start planning your next get-together.

You'll Love Oyster Venom If You.....

  • Want to be better organised when you have a get-together.
  • Find the whole ‘having people to your place’ thing really stressful.
  • Panic about organising celebrations at home.
  • Need to learn more about cooking using fresh ingredients and eating well with what’s in season.
  • Struggle when it comes to deciding on how to put a whole menu together for friends and family.
  • Don’t have the time to arrange special get-togethers at home.
  • Aspire to be an amazing host.


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