Getting Started

Getting Started

We just want to give you a bit of a tour so you get the most from Oyster Venom

We are thrilled that you’ve made it to this page.  FANTASTIC!  

You’ve taken the biggest step to discovering the art of effortless entertaining. So let’s get started on your journey of gastronomy with Oyster Venom as your guide!

Oyster Venom is All About Effortless Entertaining

Curating the most inspiring information to help you be an amazing host

Writing the best guides based on years of experience

Searching for the most interesting ingredients, utensils and drinks (hey it’s tougher than it sounds! )

Creating plans for your get-togethers to make your life easier

Interesting Reading to Get You Started

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When You're Ready to Take the Next Step.....

Take a look at our Pearls of Wisdom.  These are our special guides for hassle-free get-togethers with your friends or family.

Each Pearl of Wisdom gives guidance on all you need to create an event at home. It maybe a BBQ, a stylish dinner party, or a lazy Sunday brunch.  We have lots of themes to choose from so you can enjoy the art of effortless entertaining for yourself.

Here’s what’s included:-

Detailed recipes
You will receive recipes for the whole meal – something to nibble before the meal, then a starter, main course and a delicious dessert to finish.

Music playlist
We take the hassle out of creating a great atmosphere using great music.

Drinks menu
Suggestions for pre dinner drinks and wine or beer with the meal.  We always include an interesting alcohol free option as well as ideas for drinks with desserts or a good digestif.

Setting the scene
Sending out invites, what you will need in the way of crockery, cutlery, glassware. How you decorate the place.

A master shopping list
All the ingredients you will need in the form of a checklist so you can tick off what you need and what you already have. 

A “to do” timetable
We believe that planning is everything, so we include your list of what you need to do and when, so that you won’t forget anything and you will find the whole preparation much easier and stress-free.

Here's How Easily You Can Get Your Pearl of Wisdom


Go to our shop where you will find all our guides about organising a get-together


Pick a Pearl of Wisdom guide - there are lots of themes to choose from.


Purchase the guide - it's digital and you will then receive lifetime access to your own account page, where you can see your purchased guide and also store future guides.


Follow the instructions to make your next gathering a wonderful success.

Check out this free sample to give you an idea of what you’ll get.

Not quite ready for the Pearl of Wisdom guides?

That’s fine, just take your time and enjoy the Oyster Venom website.  We want to help you discover the art of effortless entertaining.

Learn or Perfect your Cookery Skills

Starting with the basics and progress to more complicated skills. There will be helpful how-to videos to teach you everything you need to know.

Tips and Tricks about Entertaining

As with many things in life, just knowing a few insights can be the difference between success and failure. It’s always easier if you can learn from the experience of others.

What’s New

This could be a new drink, a new recipe, an unusual ingredient, or maybe a new utensil that is worth a look. The more you learn about what’s out there, the more relaxed you will feel about trying new things and experimenting.

Special Offers

These will vary from discounts on utensils, crockery, drinks and even music downloads or purchases.

Entertaining Insights

We are a very social bunch and have been throwing parties and events since time began. Here is where we uncover some interesting facts about the history of entertaining. Also how events vary from country to country.

In Season Section

We firmly believe that you will get the best from your events if you use the best quality ingredients.

We want to show you that the best quality isn’t always the most expensive, it’s about choosing what’s in season and knowing what is produced locally.

This section will show what vegetables meats and fish that are in season so you can look out for them.

Oyster Venom in a Nutshell

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Tips and Tricks

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