Halloween Finishing Touches

Halloween Finishing Touches

We believe that the devil is in the detail, so always like to add a few tips on how to make small changes that will have a big impact and make your Halloween get-together even more memorable.

Setting Your Table

halloween table decoration from Oyster Venom

Don’t think that just because you don’t have a formal dining room, that you don’t have to set the table.  You will need to have some kind of place where you will be serving your food, somewhere to display your drinks.

This area could be on the kitchen table, it could be on the sideboard or it could be outside ( as I have done to welcome my guests).


All I used for my Halloween table centre was:-

  • Black paper tablecloth
  • Long piece of old wood that was in the garden
  • 4 Skull tea light candles
  • 3 small potimarron pumpkins ( I kept them plain, but you could add spooky features to them using a maker pen.
  • 3 small pots with yellow pansies ( I just got these from the local garden centre and will plant them in the garden afterwards)
  • 3 glasses filled with water with a red flower in each and a long candlestick ( I used cactus glasses to fit in with the Mexican theme Halloween dinner I am making, but you can use anything)
  • Battery operated fairy lights (I wrapped these around the  just to add a bit more light to the table)
  • 1 Cactus Cookie Jar ( I have this so just incorporated it into the design.  Have a look around your home for inspiration or buy a slightly bigger pumpkin)

Make Your Guests Feel Special – Send and Invite

There is nothing better than receiving a fun invite into your work cluttered inbox.  It doesn’t take long to make.

Halloween Party Invitation

So now you're ready to get started.

Just take your time, read everything slowly and enjoy.

We are sure that your guests are going to love what you make and that your get-together is going to be amazing!