Halloween Music Playlist

Music Playlist

Creating a great atmosphere is easy with music

Adding music to a get-together can transform the whole event and make it so much more memorable.

We know that sometimes finding that perfect playlist when you already have a lot to organise can be tricky. 

But don’t worry, we’re here to help with your very own 3 hour playlist of 54 scary sounds.

Tips about how to listen to your playlist

We have thought a lot about the best way to play your music and we think Spotify takes some beating.  There is a free version and you can also sign up for a paid version to avoid the adverts.

Top Tip from Oyster venom

Always start the playlist 10 minutes before your guests arrive so they get the full effect of the music as soon as they arrive!

Halloween Playlist

Here is a list of the tracks we have put together for your get-together.  The whole halloween music playlist lasts about 3 hours, so a great mix of music to get the night off to a spooky start!

Click here to see Oyster Venom’s Ultimate Halloween Party Sounds on Spotify – we think you are going to love this Halloween music playlist.

We have tried to create a halloween music playlist that incorporates several different genres of music that will create atmosphere and mood whilst keeping you guests entertained.  Spooky sounds combine with some famous tracks and a few more unusual songs.

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So you have seen the food recipes and drinks ideas, now you’ve seen the playlist, now it’s time to get your shopping list organised.  

No problem – Oyster Venom has taken care of it.