Halloween To Do Timetable

Halloween To Do Timetable

Having a plan is really important for any get-together as you will make sure you don’t forget anything and you will also give yourself plenty of time to avoid any last minute panicking.

If you follow the plan then when your guests arrive you will be as cool as a cucumber, super-organised, an amazing host and be really able to enjoy the whole evening with your friends.

A Few days before

  • Decide on what your table centre is going to be and make a list of anything you will need.
  • Download music playlist
  • Tidy the house – sometimes it isn’t possible to do this in advance but if you can then it’s one less thing to do on the day.

Two days before

  • Make the pastry bats to go with soup and keep in an airtight container (don’t put them in the fridge as they will go soft)
  • Make the pumpkin soup and store in the fridge
  • Make the chilli, cool and then store in the fridge (tip – chilli always tastes better when it has been made one or two days before which is great as you just need to reheat it on the night. Take the chilli out of the fridge a good hour before you want to heat it up so it can come up to room temperature.
  • Crunch up the biscuits for the dessert, put into a bowl and cover.

One day before

  • Prepare beers and wines – make sure:-
    All is chilled that needs to be
    You have enough ice
  • Prepare the table centre
  • Sort through cutlery, crockery and glassware and napkins

On the day

  • Make the fruits of the forrest mix for the dessert and leave in the pan on the stove ready to re-heat later in the evening.
  • Make the mocha cream for the dessert and store in the fridge
  • Move any furniture around that you need to
  • Assemble the mini tortilla roules and put in the fridge until your guests arrive ( tip – don’t bring them out straight away as your early guests will munch the lot and there wont be any left for your later guests)
  • Open at least two bottles of wine so you are prepared before your guests arrive.
  • Get yourself ready
  • Light Candles and put on the music
  • Prepare the ingredients for the tequila mojitos and the non alcoholic drink (tip- always serve the non alcoholic drink in a nice glass with a garnish – give non alcoholic drinks as much effort as the alcoholic ones – your non drinking friends will feel all the more special)

After Guests Arrive

  • When guests have arrived, bring out the mini tortilla roules
  • 25 minutes before you want to serve the soup, gently warm through, ladle or pour into bowls or mugs, add a dollop of creme fraiche and top with puff pastry bats.
  • 45 minutes before you want to serve the main course, gently reheat the chilli
  • 30 minutes before you want to serve the main course, prepare the rice.
  • When you have served the main course then take the mocha cream out of the fridge to warm up slightly.
  • 15 minutes before you want to serve the dessert, warm through the fruits of the forrest mixture and pour into glasses or cups or mugs. Top with a dollop of the mocha cream and sprinkle with crushed up ginger biscuits.

Are you ready to move on to the final section?

We’re nearly at the end of the Pearl of Wisdom.

Finishing touches are everything so take a look at some ideas.

 We are sure that your guests are going to love your get-together.