Culinary Know-how

Culinary Know-how

Watch and learn to improve your cookery skills

Welcome to Culinary Know-how 

We know you have a very busy life,  but that shouldn’t stop you from learning as much as you can about food and drink.  At Oyster Venom, we think the best way to learn is by watching video footage of some simple skills that will make your life so much easier. 

In order to save you time, we have searched the internet for some great footage to improve your culinary skills.  

The following video clips will vary from skills being taught by well known chefs to lesser known ordinary people who are really good at conveying their knowledge.  Then you can focus on quickly learning new things delivered in a speedy, simple, and straightforward format.

These videos aren’t just for beginners, we are sure that even the more experienced cooks will be able to learn something new.

Of course, we will be adding new information all the time to keep you up to date with new skills and new ways of mastering the basics as well.


We have split the information into categories so you can search more easily for what you want.

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Cooking Skills


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In The Know

Great Video Footage

Sharpen Knives Using a Steel (3:21)

If you speak to anyone connected to the culinary world they will tell you that a good knife is the best investment you can make and will transform your ability to prepare food. They will also tell you that a blunt knife or one that is out of alignment, is worse than having no knife! So keeping your knives sharp and honed is really important and here’s how. Thanks to Culinary Institute of America

Thanks to: Culinary Institute of America

Basic Knife Cuts (4.42)

Learn to cut large, medium and small dice, along with roll cuts and tourner technique. These are more professional cuts and although they may be a little more time consuming, they can help transform a dish for a special occasion.

Thanks to: Bruno Albouze

Perfect Poached Egg 4 Ways (8:04)

Yes, not just one, but 4 ways to cook the perfect poached egg, every time!

Thanks to: Adam Eats

3 Ways to Chop Onions Like a Pro (5:10)

These 3 techniques can seem time consuming at first, but once you’ve got the hang of how to make the all important first cuts, you’ll never use any other technique.

Thanks to: Tasty

Perfect Basmati Rice (3:35)

The best and easiest way to cook perfect, fragrant Basmati rice with a fluffy lightness which any Indian restaurant would be proud of.

Thanks to: Hair Ghotra

How to Cut Citrus Wedges (1:20)

Sounds easy and straightforward…..well it is if you know how. Your G & T will never be the same !

Thanks to: Rouxbe Online Cooking School

Soft Hard Boiled Eggs

How to steam perfect hard boiled eggs with soft, tender yolks.

Thanks to: Chef John


Don't just think of chapati as an accompaniment to curry. These tasty flatbreads are very versatile.

Thanks to: Chetna Makan

How to Skin White Fish Fillets (2:15)

Good chefs and fishmongers make this look very easy, but it’s essential to have a good, flexible sharp knife. If your particular piece of fish is oily or slippery, just put some salt on your finger tips to help you grip the skin.

Thanks to: Passionate About Fish

Cooking a Steak

Learn from the experts as Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pierre White go head to head on the best way to cook a steak.

Thanks to: Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pierre White

Read and Learn

Cuts of Beef

Learn about all the cuts of beef, where they can be found on the animal and what they are best used for.

Thanks to:  Morley Butchers

Cuts of Lamb

Learn about the cuts of lamb and how best to cook them

Thanks to:  Best Online Butcher

Cuts of Pork

See how the various cuts look and learn how best to cook them.

Thanks to:  The Spruce Eats

Growing Your Own Veg

More and more of us are thinking about growing our own produce. There is something wonderful and very satisfying about growing your own vegetables so here's a calendar of what you can grow and when to plant in the UK.

Thanks to:  Love Your garden

Thanks to:  Country Living

Perfect Paratha

Ever wondered how they make paratha - well we have three ways to roll out so you get fluffy, tasty and ever so crispy parathas.

Thanks to:  Yummyyyy

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