What’s in Season

What's in Season?

Find out right here about what foods are at their best and when

Here is where we learn about eating what’s in season and why.

The world has become a very small place with more efficient transportation links for both people and goods so we have become very used to seeing all types of food being available throughout the year.

This has allowed us to enjoy different types of food from all over the world, at any time of year.  However the downside is that we have forgotten what it’s like to eat seasonally and that is a shame.  


Well the transportation costs of moving goods around the world is incredibly high and food, just like people doesn’t always travel well.  By the time it arrives, the freshness is compromised not to mention the cost to the planet.

Learning to eat what is in season means we can enjoy our food when it is at it’s peak – the taste, how it looks and the cost of production.

Eating what has been grown locally means we support our own community, financially and they repay us by charging a fair price for the products they grow or rear.

It’s the cream egg factor.

The idea that if we can have access to foods all year, then we take them for granted.  However, if we know that for a certain number of weeks we will have the most amazing asparagus, for instance then we will savour every mouthful.

Cadbury decided to do the same thing when they developed their cream eggs.  They made them available for a fixed period of time during the run-up to Easter and because of that, their sales rocketed as customers knew that once Easter was over, the cream eggs would disappear for another year.


Why not try and choose seasonal food and see how you get on.

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