A Bunch for Brunch


A Bunch for Brunch is your go-to guide for a lazy breakfast brunch.  You’re going to love the menu, the easy to follow recipes and drinks ideas.  Then all you have to do is use the master shopping list and follow the to-do timetable and your get-together will run like clockwork.


Here’s what you’ll be cooking:-

Apero: let’s get off to a good start with a selection of nibbles

Avocado brioche toasts with a selection of toppings

   Smoked salmon, coriander and lime
   Parma ham and mustard dressing

   Cherry tomato and sticky balsamic vinegar (V)

And blender shots 

    Pear, strawberry yoghurt and muesli with a splash of vodka (V)
    Banana, honey and coffee with a splash of baileys or kahlua (V)
    Pea cucumber, courgette and mint with a splash of gin (V)

Starter: Surprise your guests with something different

Smoked Haddock Frittata with Creamy Curry Spinach Dip

Flakes of tasty smoked haddock and potato in a spanish style omelette

The Main Event: All your favourite breakfast treats served together on a platter for everyone to dig into.

The Breakfast Mayhem Platter

Roast potato, onion and garlic (V)
Bacon with pink peppercorn and maple syrup
Roasted tomatoes (V)
Fried eggs (V)
Buttered leeks with black pepper (V)
Chives (V)
Crispy chorizo
Mushrooms with sherry (V)

Sweet Treats: Everyone always leaves a little bit of room for dessert

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Brownies (V) and
Vanilla Panna Cotta topped with a Raspberry and Cardamom Coulis (V)


What’s in the guide?

Our go-to guides for get-togethers contain all the ideas, tips and tricks to help you entertain effortlessly.  Inviting friends around to your place doesn’t need to be stressful with Oyster Venom to guide you.

  • Menu
  • Food Recipes and Drinks Ideas
  • Music Playlist – 3 hours of music to reflect the theme of the guide
  • Master Shopping List – based on number of guests
  • To Do Timetable – keeps you on track and organised
  • Finishing Touches to wow your guests



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