Emerald Membership

This is where your Emerald membership begins. You will learn the art of effortless entertaining in bitesized tasty morsels.

Pay £45 for a 6 month membership

We can’t wait to welcome you as an Oyster Venom member.

Learn or perfect your cookery skills

Ever wanted to make perfect choux pastry?  Or maybe you want to learn how to chop vegetables properly?  What about creating perfect homemade pasta?  All these skills can be learned, you just need to know where to look.

Dive into the Oyster Venom community

Sometimes all you want to do is chat to like-minded people who have a love of entertaining and where better than the Oyster Venom community to connect with others and share information.

Helpful tips and tricks about all things entertaining

Do you want to be able to make a selection of hot snacks when your partner brings back friends for an impromptu get-together?  Do you need tips on what to do if something doesn’t go according to plan?  You’ll be surprised how many catastrophes can be avoided with a few simple tricks.

What’s new

Do you want to be kept up do date with what’s hot and what’s not in the world of being an awesome host?  Maybe there is a new vegetable that is becoming very popular?  Or a style of cooking that is on trend.  At Oyster Venom, we make it our business to find out for you and then tell you all about it.

Special offers and competitions

We search for the best offers our there for you and create some wonderful competitions with even better prizes for you to win.

In season section

Cooking with seasonal foods is the way forward, we want you to have the edge so your dishes are packed with natural flavour at a great price.

Pearls of Wisdom – your monthly event planner

Every month, we create an event planner based on an interesting and inspiring theme for your next get-together.  You will receive:-

  • Detailed recipes
  • Choice of music playlists
  • Drinks inspiration
  • Setting the scene
  • Master shopping list
  • To-do timetable


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We can’t wait to welcome you as an Oyster Venom member