A Day of the dead dinner with friends

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Halloween is becoming a more and more popular celebration – and it isn’t just for kids, adults love it too!

So we have created a Day of the Dead Dinner, a Mexican celebration,  as an informal supper for the grown-ups.

You can serve this meal as a one bowl wonder where your guests can help themselves and are free to wander about with their starter, main course and pudding.

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Mini Tortilla Rolls

stuffed with salmon, lime, chilli and rocket

Batty Pumpkin Soup

spicy pumpkin or squash soup topped with puff pastry bats

Chilli Beef Stew

chunks of beef in a rich stew with kidney beans and served with roasted pepper, lime and coriander rice.

Hot Witch's Cup

warmed fruits of the forest infused with chilli and orange liqueur, topped with mocha cream and sprinkled with ginger biscuits crumbs.

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