Our Mission Is Simple

At Oyster Venom, we want to make you into the most amazing host, so that you can create awesome times for your loved ones. We want your celebrations at home, to be fun, effortless and memorable.

What We Do

Oyster Venom is a membership website where you can learn the art of effortless entertaining through food, drink and music.  Staying in is the new going out but sometimes people find that a scary proposition.

Entertaining friends at your place doesn’t have to be difficult, stressful or time consuming. All you need is confidence and a few tricks up your sleeve.

With a little help, you can become the awesome host you deserve to be. In no time at all, you will be able to effortlessly create the most memorable times for those you care about.

Why We Do It

There is nothing more satisfying than looking around a room filled with your friends to see them laughing and generally having a wonderful time because of something you did, something you created.

Imagine being known as the ‘go to’ person for memorable times, how great would that make you feel?

And what if entertaining was so easy that you could tackle everything from a romantic dinner for two to a surprise party for 20?

We want to help you discover that entertaining can be easy and effortless.

Why Choose Us

We love entertaining our friends and family.  Over the years we have honed our skills so that what we do becomes almost effortless.

Running our own restaurant for nearly a decade, allowed us to gain much experience in the wonderful world of gastronomy.

Time in the corporate hospitality industry also gave us boundless knowledge, when it comes to making events unforgettable.

Extensive travel for work and pleasure has provided an invaluable source of inspiration, when searching for the unique and unusual.


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