We’re Ready to Launch Oyster Venom – Woohoo!

launch Oyster Venom


It’s taken a while but our little idea is almost ready.  It’s time to launch Oyster Venom into the big world wide web. We are very excited about our creation and how it will help others.

Luckily, we’ve been fortunate to dedicate most of our adult lives to enjoying entertainment and hospitality, especially when it was connected with gastronomy and music.

One evening while sipping on a lovely G&T, we were trying to think of a new venture where we could use our knowledge to help others discover the art of effortless entertaining …. Oyster Venom was born.

Of course it took quite a long time to decide on how our website would work and how we would make our guides different.  We needed make decisions about how to share that must-have know-how in an easy peasy format.

What Makes Oyster Venom Different?

We want to make you into the most amazing host, so that you can create fabulous times for your loved ones, which they will remember forever.

Check out the website where you can:-

  • Learn new skills
  • Get the know- how to create memorable celebrations
  • Enjoy finding new ways to surprise your guests
  • Build confidence and become even more creative
  • Receive regular newsletters about what’s happening in the world of food, drink and music
  • Understand what’s in season

You take a look around Oyster Venom’s shop and discover our Pearl of Wisdom Guides.  There’s lots to choose from and we’re adding new guides all the time.  We have themes like A Brunch for Lunch, Indian Style Street Food and Stylish Supper.  These guides are digital and can be accessed straight away, so nothing is stopping you from organising your next get-together.


Buy Bunch for Brunch Pearl of Wisdom Guide        

You can even let us know what you would like to see in the next guide and we’ll see what we can do.

Each guide contains:-

  • A Menu
  • Detailed recipes and Drinks Suggestions
  • Music Playlist
  • Master Shopping List
  • To Do Timetable
  • Finishing Touches


What Happens Now?

Of course, the building of the website and design of the digital product is the easy part! The hard work begins now when we want to tell the world about Oyster Venom and why you should Look at our Pearl of Wisdom Guides.


Let’s Stay in Touch

Take a look around our website and get a feel for what we are doing to help people learn the art of effortless entertaining.

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