11 Easy Secrets Of Effortless Entertaining At Home



Have you ever wondered why some people seem to find entertaining their friends an effortless experience, while others panic and get stressed about the whole thing? Maybe you think that some people are just born to be good at get-togethers and it’s something that comes naturally. At Oyster Venom, we think that everyone can find entertaining at home  effortless, they just need a bit of know-how and confidence to create something really special for their friends.


Why Do People Worry About Entertaining At Home?

For many people, the thought of entertaining people at home is a scary prospect. They would rather do just about anything than have to be responsible for organising a get-together for their friends. So what do people worry about?

entertaining at home doesn't need to be scary

  • Getting it wrong and their get-together is memorable for all the wrong reasons.
  • Having been to other’s homes they know they can’t offer the same experience.
  • Just not having the time to organise something.
  • Lack of space to entertain people.
  • Being stressed at the very thought of planning a celebration.


Top Tips For Amazing Get-togethers


1. Give yourself plenty of time

Especially when you are new to organising get-togethers with your friends, always try to give yourself plenty of time. One of the most stressful aspects of entertaining is when you realise you haven’t left yourself enough time. That’s when you start to make mistakes and question why you decided to ask people around in the first place.

stress-free entertaining at home

2. Buying in is fine when entertaining at home

You don’t have to make everything to make it your own. It’s ok to buy prepared foods but be choosy. Pick quality items that will compliment what you have made. Add your own twist to bought in things, making them more personal.


3. Don’t overstretch yourself

Base what you are going to cook based on your ability, the space you have and your budget. Don’t think you have to make complicated food to impress your friends – often simplicity makes the most sense. Always remember the rule that if something looks complicated to make or cook then chances are it will be and beware of making something you have never tried before.


4. Make things ahead of time

Especially some of the main elements of a meal. Desserts can often be made in advance then you can add some finishing touches to give it that ‘just made’ look.


5. Create a feeling not an event

Remember that get-togethers are special because of a number of factors. Food, drink, music and finishing touches are important but it’s also the things people can’t see – the atmosphere created by lighting, the way people felt about the whole experience so never loose sight of how you want people to feel and react to what you have done.


6. The devil is in the detail when entertaining at home

If you talk to any event organiser who does this kind of thing for a living, they will tell you that people remember the little things, the unusual touches, the elements that make them feel really special. So make your get-together memorable from the minute you invite people to the minute they leave.


entertaining at home - the devil is in the detail

7. Make a list so you don’t forget anything and stick to it

Unless you are superman or have a very good memory then make a list or make a few lists! Get-togethers are made up of zillions of small elements which can be easy to forget when you are busy or you have other things to do in your life such as work, kids etc.


8. Have a back up plan

There are some aspects of a celebration that you just can’t control, such as the weather. If you are organising an outdoor get-together, you need to think about what you are going to do if it rains. Perhaps one of your guests has a food intolerance that you weren’t aware of so you may need to quickly make them something else to eat.


9. Leave some “you” – time

When you have been working all day on getting everything ready, always give yourself at least an hour to relax and get ready. Then when your guests arrive, you look and are super cool and calm – that will make them feel the same.

effortless entertaining

10. Create Atmosphere in advance

Don’t wait until your guests arrive before you turn on the music, put out the nibbles or dim the lights. Create the ambiance before your friends arrive for the maximum effect.


11. Your guests are the stars

effortless entertaining at home - your guests are the stars

When your friends arrive, you want them to feel really special so spend time making sure they are ok. Get them drinks, introduce them to people they haven’t met – a few minutes at the beginning can make everyone feel welcome and show that you really appreciate each and everyone of them being there.


It’s easy to read through all these secrets and think, yes, that would work for some people but I need a bit more help.

That’s ok and don’t worry, there is a solution for you.

It’s a new website called Oyster Venom where you can learn the art of Effortless Entertaining with the help of our Pearl of Wisdom Guides.

entertaining at home with Oyster Venom


How Oyster Venom Can Help You

  • Learn new cooking skills to boost your confidence.
  • Create unique and special events with inspirational ideas.
  • Receive step by step guides for get-togethers. See how helpful a master plan can make you look super-efficient.
  • Discover the tips to make you into an amazing host who is cool and calm so you can really enjoy special times with your friends.


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