Effortless Entertaining: If You Could Only Have One Type of Glass What Would You Choose?

versatile glassware

Have you seen the price of good glasses these days? – They can be quite an investment!

Multiply the types of glasses you need by how many guests you might have round to your place and that’s quite a large number of glasses!  All the more reason why versatile glassware is vital. In an ideal world you would have several types of glasses for different uses – wine glasses, tumblers, sherry, brandy and shot, to name but a few.

You’ll need a big cupboard just to store them all. Let’s face it – how often are all the glasses in your home used and how often do you worry that one or two are broken, so you don’t have enough to give the same glass to everyone?

My advice to you is invest in one type of glass, then buy at least 12 to cover for larger gatherings and those unavoidable breakages. You can save money on the other glasses that you need, by searching for some vintage accompaniments from second hand shops and car boot sales etc.

If you could only choose one type of glass, what would it be? Of course, much depends on what kind of drinks you like to have, but there is one glass that covers lot’s of options and if you buy wisely, then you will be able to use them for many years.

In my opinion, the most versatile glassware you can invest in, is the trusty wine glass. Before you say that you don’t drink that much wine, then read on because I think I can persuade you…..go on let me try!


Uses of a Red Wine Glass

To drink wine – of course!

versatile glassware

There is nothing better than drinking a great wine from a great glass – it really does make a difference.

A Gin and Tonic

As more boutique gins are created, there has definitely been a shift in how the classic gin and tonic is presented. The highball or tumbler has been replaced by a goblet to really showcase this elegant drink. Holding a glass with a stem means that your drink remains chilled for longer and you don’t end up with the dreaded cold drinks hand.

Craft Beers

If you have ever tried a Belgian beer, it will often be served in a goblet shaped glass rather than a traditional pint or half pint glass.


You have plenty of room in the glass to create a lovely cocktail, with lots of ice, fruit, straws and even an umbrella!

Soft Drinks

Don’t forget that there are people who want to drink a soft drink and why should their glass be any less exciting than the ones you serve for the more flamboyant drinks? At Oyster Venom, our Pearl of Wisdom guides always have an alcohol-free option so none of your guests feel left out.


If you want to serve an individual dessert, such as a chocolate mousse, a trifle, or this desert below which is warmed grapes with cassis topped with Kahlua mascarpone and fresh figs.

Chilled Soups

An ice cold soup is so refreshing on a sunny day, show it off in some versatile glassware.

Table Decorations

Up-turn your glass over a seasonal flower or plant then top the base of the glass with a candle.

What to look for in a wine glass

  • Spend some time looking and buy what you love
  • Search for the best quality that you can afford
  • Choose a timeless design that won’t date
  • Size matters – if you go large then you have more options and always remember, you don’t have to fill a glass.
  • Go for a glass that feels good when you pick it up. It needs to be sturdy yet elegant.
  • Don’t go for a glass that is too fine as you will have more breakages.
  • If you use a dishwasher, then choose glasses which are dishwasher safe.


Other Glasses to Think About

Once you have purchased your multi-functional wine glass, you may still want to think about a few other additions to add to your glass collection and here is what I would choose.

Champagne Flute

I do think that Champagne and sparkling wines do taste much better when served in a glass designed for that particular drink.

versatile glassware

Whisky Tumbler

If you like drinking whisky, then this type of glass is a must-have.

Shot Glass

For fun shots, mini cocktails or a modern way to serve a classic liquor, shot glasses are reasonably priced.

Be Creative

From jam jars to classic margaritas, there is a glass for every drink and to suit all tastes.  So go out there and buy what you love.


I hope you can see why the trusty wine glass is a winner of an investment and the most versatile glassware. Maybe you’ve just bought some new glasses? Let me know what you chose and why. Perhaps you think there is another glass that’s more versatile? I would love to hear what it is so please let me know.


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