Entertaining at Home: Are You Out of Your Depth?

entertaining at home - are you out of your depth?


There is nothing more personal than an invitation to have dinner with friends in their own home, where they prepare a wonderful meal. Eating in is so much more relaxing than eating out. At Oyster Venom, we believe entertaining at home offers much more freedom to create a memorable get-together.

Sometimes people do worry about inviting friends into their homes – they literally feel they are out of their depth, which can be quite scary. They want their evenings to go without a hitch and their guests to have an awesome time.

When you invite friends to your place, you feel responsible for creating something great and want to make them feel special…. no pressure!


Why People Worry about Entertaining at Home and How Oyster Venom Can Help

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one – it’s natural to want to entertain your friends so they can’t wait to return. Dinner Parties have changed in recent times which mean much more flexibility and options.

More often than not, the difference between being stressed about the whole entertaining at home thing and taking it all in your stride is…….

The Oyster Venom cocktail of effortless entertaining – a cocktail of planning, confidence with a splash of know-how which you serve chilled.


oyster venom cocktail


So why do you worry about having friends around for a dinner party? Here’s what people say:-

I don’t have the time to spend on creating a dinner party

Yes, everyone thinks that having people around for dinner, is time consuming and too much for you to do. We all live very busy lives – it’s a constant juggling act of work, family, friends, hobbies. A dinner party is just a step too far.


life is a juggling act


What if you could have help with all the planning, receive detailed menus, a shopping list and a to do list that covers everything from the invites, the food, the drinks, setting the scene and even the music?

Oyster Venom offers lots of Pearl of Wisdom guides which are event plans for a particular get-together at home.

I don’t have the cookery skills to make the food I want

We are quite demanding of what we want from ourselves and have much more knowledge and experience of gastronomy. It’s normal to have high expectations of what we want to achieve.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a website which had collected the best tutorials about cookery skills for you to watch at your leisure? Then you could put that new knowledge into practise, with mouth-watering recipes to impress your friends.

Oyster Venom has a Watch and Learn section where we have spent much time searching for the best ‘how to’ videos on all things entertaining. So whether you want to learn to chop an onion, make choux pastry, or create cocktails, there will be some brilliant and informative footage to inspire.

I’m not sure how to decide on what flavours go together

It can be difficult to decide what goes with what – experience is king but how do you gain this know-how without making mistakes? Oyster Venom will help you piece it all together.

piece it together with Oyster Venom

With Oyster Venom’s Pearl of Wisdom guides, you will have access to drinks suggestions including aperos, beers and wines to serve with food and even drinks to enjoy at the end of your meal.

My friends are amazing hosts and I worry that I can’t compete with their unique ideas

We all want to be good at entertaining and sometimes it just takes a little bit of planning and confidence to create a unique evening, which will have all your guests talking.

At Oyster Venom, we believe the secrets of memorable get-togethers are surprise and simplicity. So we create ideas and simple touches that anyone can do.

I feel like I must be the only one in the world who struggles with entertaining

The problem is that everyone thinks that when they see others entertain effortlessly, it’s because they are a natural and sometimes they are. However, take it from us, if someone says “aaah it was nothing”, or “oh I just threw some things in a pan”…..it’s rarely true.

I worry that everything will go wrong and the night will be memorable for the wrong reasons

We all worry about things going wrong – it’s natural and things can and will go wrong. The trick is how you minimise your mistakes and how you cope with problems when they happen. This will give you the confidence to know you can deal with the unforeseen.

Oyster Venom gives you a guide and step by step plans to ensure your mistakes are rare and that you have the confidence to overcome the unexpected with a calm outlook.


Do You Want to Know More About Oyster Venom?

We want to give you the whole kit and caboodle for effortless entertaining at home, so you can become the amazing host you deserve to be.

Take a look at our Pearl of Wisdom Guides so you can see what you get and how you will progress and learn the art of Effortless Entertaining, in no time at all.

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