Staying in Is the New Going Out : Here’s Why It’s so Popular

Got friends coming round to your place? Discover why staying in is the new going out. Learn how you can create a brilliant atmosphere, great food, inspirational music all in the comfort of your own home, for a memorable night in.

staying in is the new going out

I love going out – there is always something exciting about getting ready, meeting friends and hitting our favourite places for a really special evening. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for great music, a stylish cocktail, a romantic meal or all three, chances are that you will need to visit several venues to tick all the boxes.

By the time you’ve added travel time, hustle and bustle, it can be quite a tiring and expensive night.


Pre-Covid Research on Why People Are Staying in More.

Barclays Investments conducted a survey and found that on average, Britains spend almost £150,000 on socialising during their lifetime.

Interestingly only 20% think that saving money is more important than spending time with friends. Creating memories with friends has great value.

However, 37% admit that they struggle to save because they cant fight the urge to go out and party with their friends.

Read about the findings in more depth.  It’s interesting to see which cities spend the most on going out!

Ritz, who make snacks also did research which revealed that 52% of us now prefer to socialise at home or at friend’s houses compared with 23% choosing the pub.

We go out less than we did 10 years ago. A whopping 62% of 18-34 year olds opting to stay in when seeing friends or loved ones compared with 18% who opt for a bar as a place to meet-up.


What Are the Advantages of Having Get-togethers at Home?

There will always be a place for going out in our social calendars but staying in can also allow us to save more. That means we can really enjoy ourselves when we do go out, without having to worry about over-spending. So what are the benefits of get-togethers at home?

A completely relaxed venue

There is no pressure to get dressed up or buy something new. It’s a fact that we always feel that we can be more relaxed whether we are in our own home or that of a friend. Kick off your shoes, slouch on the couch, banter with a beer, and just have fun.

stay in with your friends

You don’t have to share with people you don’t know

Sometimes battling with the crowds is just too much. A rowdy crowd can really change the dynamic of the whole evening and to be fair, there is very little you can do about it. Being at home means you can decide on who you invite and so any strangers are eliminated from the evening and you can be yourself amongst your friends.

avoid the crowds - learn the art of effortless entertaining

A much more personal experience

When you just need to tailor-make your evening for those people you are inviting, then it’s easy to have exactly what you and your friends like and want.

Flexibility for you and your friends

How often have you booked a table in a restaurant only to find that you can only book at 7 or 9.30 as they have 2 sittings? Or maybe they do one sitting and you cant get in at all? You can eat when you want when it’s your place. Someone is going to be late? No problem, you can wait for them. Everyone is full after their main course? No problem you can wait for an hour before they have pudding. Flexibility is the name of the game when you have a get-together at home.

Cost per head is a fraction of what it would be to go out

We all know that when we go out it does cost more – the best part is we can make really special things at a fraction of what they would be when we are out and about. Champagne cocktails? King Prawns, Fillet steak are all more possible when you cook them at home…..go on, spoil yourself.

You call the shots

You can decide exactly what time it starts, finishes, what you eat and drink etc. Whether it’s a dinner party extravaganza, a last minute glass of fizz and nibbles or a special surprise celebration for a loved one – the choice is all yours…..feel the freedom!

Speaking of shots take a look at this guy making rainbow shots – he’s a really good mixologist ……and very funny!

entertaining your friends

You get to make your friends feel very special

Have you ever been to someone’s house and they said I bought this wine because I know you like it. I made this food because it’s your favourite. It is so touching when you can make your friends feel special, like the whole evening was made just for them. This is how memories are made, how friendships are cemented and you know, it takes very little to make a night really special…..just a bit of planning on your part.

Your friends will reciprocate

In no time at all you will receive invites from your friends to spend an evening with them at their place – what could be better?

become the awesome host you deserve to be

Need Some inspiration for Your Next Get-together?

Sometimes entertaining at home can be a bit daunting, but with a bit of help and guidance, you will become the amazing host you deserve to be.

Oyster Venom is a website that helps you discover the art of effortless entertaining with our go-to guides for get-togethers.

staying in with Oyster Venom


Learn or Perfect your Cookery Skills

Advice on the best videos to watch to improve your skills. You’ll start with the basics and before you know it, you will be progressing to more complicated techniques.

Tips and Tricks about Entertaining

Just having the know-how to create simple yet stunning ideas for your next get-together, will give you the edge.

What’s New

We give you the low down on what’s hot and what’s not in the world of entertaining. A new drink, a different ingredient or a must-have utensil.

In Season Section

This section will show what vegetables meats and fish that are in season so you can look out for them.

Buy Our Pearls of Oyster Venom Wisdom Guides

staying in is the new going out

Browse our shop and look at the various themes. Once you have picked a Pearl of Wisdom Guide,  you will download all you need to create an event at home. It maybe a BBQ, a stylish dinner party, or a lazy Sunday brunch.

  • Detailed recipes for the whole meal
    Oyster Venom will take the headache out of finding different recipes which are easy to follow.
  • Choice of music playlists
    When you just don’t have the time to put cool sounds together, let Oyster Venom create the atmosphere you want.
  • Drinks menu
    Suggestions for pre-dinner drinks and wine or beer with the meal. We always include an interesting alcohol free option as well as options for drinks with desserts or a good digestif.
  • Setting the scene
    Sending out invites, what you will need in the way of crockery, cutlery, glassware. How you decorate the place.
  • A master shopping list
    All the ingredients you will need in the form of a checklist so you can tick off what you need and what you already have.
  • A “to do” timetable
    We believe that planning is everything, so we include your list of what you need to do and when.  You won’t forget anything and you’ll find the whole preparation much easier and stress-free.


Want to Know More About Oyster Venom?

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