Planning a Get-together: What Can Oyster Venom Bring to Your Table?

There is something lovely about being invited to a friends house for a get-together. It always feels more special and you can relax and have a great time with those you care about.

These days, get-togethers at home are becoming so popular and it really doesn’t matter whether you are having a formal sit down meal or more of an informal gathering, there is a level of planning involved to make the evening memorable.

Do you sometimes need a bit more help when organising a great night in? There is a new website called Oyster Venom, where you can learn the art of effortless entertaining with food, drink and music – ideal if you’re planning a get-together.



Does This Sound Familiar?

You invited a bunch of your friends around for a get-together and the date is looming. You want to create a wonderful night in for your friends to remind them of how special they are. Let’s face it – where would we be without our friends?

You just don’t have enough time to do the evening justice and are starting to worry  about running out of time. To make matters worse, your week is really busy with commitments that you just can’t change.

How are you going to create a wonderful evening for your friends? You want to serve lovely food, great drink accompaniments, music to set the scene and some finishing touches to pull the whole evening together and provide everyone with a memorable experience…..simple!

You will need to be some kind of superhero to get everything done in time. Then if you do manage, you are going to be so stressed and tired that you won’t have the energy to enjoy time with your friends.

Of course your evening could be very different – there is an alternative solution to effortless entertaining.


Oyster Venom Can Help You

Imagine a website where you can get tips and tricks about entertaining so you become an amazing host. Then you can buy go-to guides, which we call our Pearl of Wisdom, that you can use for your next night in with friends.


Tasty Food Recipes Which Are Easy to Follow

How much easier would the whole evening be, if you had detailed recipes that you can make in advance. Of course you can spend time looking through your cookery books or trawling the internet for inspiration, but it all takes time.

The ingredients are all in your master shopping list so you don’t forget anything. We thought the addition of a to do timetable would be really useful as your step by step guide to follow, so everything gets completed on time.

Drink Suggestions to Compliment Your Food

Ideas for drinks to accompany the evening and perfectly match the food. Suggestions for welcome aperitifs, wines or beers to match the meal and ideas to go with desserts, cheese and coffee, plus finishing touches to make your place look even more welcoming.

Eclectic Music Compilations to Add Atmosphere

Finally, one of the best ways to create mood and atmosphere is through music. However, creating a playlist is often forgotten about. At Oyster Venom we have music playlists to compliment your food and drinks, helping you create the perfect ambience for your party.

great playlist to enjoy

All the Extras

Oyster Venom wants to be with you on every step of your journey to culinary excellence, so we have lots of bite-size extras:-

  • Learn or perfect your cookery skills with helpful videos
  • Improve your know-how with tips and tricks about entertaining
  • Discover what’s new in the world of entertaining
  • Special offers and Competitions just for you
  • See what’s in season where you are


Do You Want to Learn the Art of Effortless Entertaining?

Effortless entertaining doesn’t happen overnight, but in a short time you can really see the benefits.

At Oyster Venom, our mission is simple.

We want to make you into the most amazing host, so that you can create awesome times for your loved ones. We want your celebrations at home, to be fun, effortless and memorable.

Ready to have a look at our go-to guides for get-togethers?  Take a look at the Oyster Venom shop.

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