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The Smartest Crockery Purchase – You’ll Be Bowled Over

Entertaining has really moved on – gone are the days when you needed a 275 piece dinner service before you could even consider having people for dinner. Then you needed a stylish dining room with a super-large table and the … Read More

versatile glassware

Effortless Entertaining: If You Could Only Have One Type of Glass What Would You Choose?

Have you seen the price of good glasses these days? – They can be quite an investment! Multiply the types of glasses you need by how many guests you might have round to your place and that’s quite a large … Read More

always surprise your guests

The Best Get-together Secret: Use The Element Of Surprise

The best get-together secret to make your next gathering a great success is to surprise your guests – in a good way! The element of surprise is a brilliant way of making your night in with friends, really memorable and … Read More

11 Easy Secrets Of Effortless Entertaining At Home

    Have you ever wondered why some people seem to find entertaining their friends an effortless experience, while others panic and get stressed about the whole thing? Maybe you think that some people are just born to be good … Read More

launch Oyster Venom

We’re Ready to Launch Oyster Venom – Woohoo!

  It’s taken a while but our little idea is almost ready.  It’s time to launch Oyster Venom into the big world wide web. We are very excited about our creation and how it will help others. Luckily, we’ve been … Read More