En Papillote Lunch


Food cooked ‘en papillote’ is where the dish is wrapped in a paper or foil case and steamed in its own juices. 

This is a wonderful way to cook as all the flavours of the food are kept in the little parcel only to be released when the recipient opens it. 

It’s fun and each course is a wonderful surprise to your guests as they open up their own special gift from you.

The ultimate in social distancing as this menu is very much ‘tear and don’t share’ …. keep it all to yourself! 

The food can also be cooked on the BBQ, so no need to be indoors – simply place the foil packages over the heat and wait.


Here’s What You’ll Be Cooking:-

Apero: get your lunch off to a great start

Pink Margaritas…. a refreshing taste of summer
Sun-dried Tomato and Blue Cheese Twists

Starter: Easy, tasty and en papillote fun for your guests

Garlic Mushrooms with a drizzle of Truffle Oil served in a Swan shaped package

Main: light and effortless with bags of flavour

Salmon Fillet cooked en papillote flavoured with ginger, soy and lemon and served on courgette ribbons.
Accompanied by – Pesto Baked Potatoes and Thai Spicy Slaw.

And to finish: your guests will go bananas for this delicious dessert!

Baked bananas with hot butterscotch sauce and rum mascarpone.


What’s in the guide?

Our go-to guides for get-togethers contain all the ideas, tips and tricks to help you entertain effortlessly.  Inviting friends around to your place doesn’t need to be stressful with Oyster Venom to guide you.

  • Menu
  • Food Recipes and Drinks Ideas
  • Music Playlist – 3 hours of music to reflect the theme of the guide
  • Master Shopping List – based on number of guests
  • To Do Timetable – keeps you on track and organised
  • Finishing Touches to wow your guests


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