Covid 19 – 2 Years On: Get-togethers at Home and How to Make Them Easy Peasy


It’s been almost 2 years since the Covid 19 lockdowns began. So how do we get back to those get-togethers at home we used to take for granted? Discover what has changed and how we can make entertaining friends and family easy and effortless.

Cast your mind back to a time before Covid 19, when meeting up with friends and family was the norm. The phrase ‘the more, the merrier’ was our mantra where get-togethers were concerned.   

Then everything changed for much longer than anyone thought possible. Living behind a mask, social distancing, lockdowns, lots of new vocabulary to get our heads around…….and no get-togethers.  

But when the lockdown was at its worst, what did we do?  

We made cakes, baked bread, shopped for food, and grew vegetables.

How about that?  

When faced with terrible times, we honed our culinary skills

How Has the Pandemic Changed Us

It’s been a roller-coaster ride. We’ve been inspired by the kindness of wonderful people such as Captain Sir Tom and saddened by the impact of the National Covid Memorial Wall.  



Everyone has a unique story to tell about their experiences of the pandemic. Still, one thing that unites us all is an understanding and appreciation of what is important to us.

  • Missing the company of friends and family
  • Freedom to do what we enjoy
  • Appreciating the simple things
  • Quality not quantity
  • A deeper understanding of what makes us happy


What Happens To Get-togethers After A Pandemic?


dinner party ideas for effortless entertaining


We know there won’t just be an end to the pandemic – some kind of release date when everything can just spring back to how it was before, and off we go. Even when regulations change, it takes time for everyone to adapt and be comfortable with the lifting of rules.

It’s going to be more gradual, and there may be setbacks. So what can we do right now?

Build on the good things we started doing differently during the pandemic  

Perhaps you unleashed your inner chef to cook more, or you started growing your own veg. Maybe you championed local seasonal produce and opted for quality items rather than quantity. If so, keep it up – you’re doing great!

Learn about what we’re comfortable with and if that’s the same for friends and family 

We’re all different, so don’t assume that everyone will be comfortable doing the same things. When you’re organising a gathering, take the time to let people know what it’s going to be like, who will be there and how many are coming. That way, everyone knows what to expect.  

Get-togethers – remember, small is beautiful.

Start off by inviting a few people then, it’s easier for you, and you’ll have more time to catch up with your friends. Prepare as much as you can in advance, so you’re all ready when your guests arrive.


Our Favourite Guides for Gatherings


The thought of inviting a bunch of friends round for a bite to eat sounds fantastic. But sometimes, the practicality of organising and planning a get-together can feel daunting. Especially when you might be a bit out of practice!  

At Oyster Venom, we’ve created some guides to help so your next get-together runs smoothly, and you don’t have to worry about things going wrong.  

We think of everything, so you don’t have to. Just follow the guide.

We provide the menu and recipes, the drinks ideas, a music playlist, a master shopping list, a to-do timetable, and finally, some finishing touches to bring everything together. Here are some of our favourite guides:-

Apres Ski Night


Apres Ski Night Menu Guide - Oyster Venom Product


Aaah, we’ve missed life in the mountains – soft snow, off-piste, chalet life, fresh air, and that taste of delicious alpine food. Don’t worry if you can’t get to the mountains for your winter fix. We’re bringing all the fun of apres-ski to your place with this guide.

We start with chestnuts wrapped in bacon and mulled rosé, then move right on to classic goulash soup and mini potato rosti to dunk. Then make way for the main event of Cheese Fondue with cured ham, pickles, potatoes, roasted cauliflower, and of course, bread. And finally, Toblerone chocolate fondue with a mix of fruit and marshmallows for dipping.

As an extra, we’ve also included a ski quiz so you can find out who knows the most about mountain life. The questions and answers are separate, so everyone can join in.

And the music? Well, it’s a mix of winter-themed tunes and songs you’d hear when having that Apres Ski drink and discussing your day on the mountain.


En Papillote Lunch


En papillote lunch menu guide - Oyster Venom Product


Something is intriguing and exciting about cooking and serving food wrapped up in a parcel ready for your guests to open and enjoy the surprise within.  

Plus, this is the ultimate tear, and don’t share kind of lunch for anyone who wants to socially distance. It can be prepared inside or cooked on a BBQ for alfresco eating – yes, we have tried to be as flexible as possible.

So this menu kicks off with pink margaritas and sun-dried tomato and blue cheese twists. Then you can wow your guests with Garlic Mushrooms drizzled with truffle oil and served in a swan-shaped foil parcel. Then salmon cooked with ginger, soy, and lemon served on courgette ribbons with pesto baked potatoes and spicy Thai slaw. Then you must leave room for baked bananas with butterscotch sauce and rum mascarpone.

As the food is covered, we decided to make the music all about cover versions – some are classic, and there are a few you’ll be surprised about!


Indian Style Street Food


Indian Style Street Food Feast - Oyster Venom Product


Think of a feast where spiced-up tapas meets street, and you have the essence of what this guide is all about. It’s informal and can be served on platters where your guests just dig into what they want.

As everyone arrives, give them a G&T with special ice cubes and spiced popcorn to nibble on. 

Then serve the feast of Lamb Keema Meatballs, Marinated Tandoori Chicken, Raitha with Homemade Roti, Haddock Tomato and Coconut Curry, Red Lentil, and Spinach Dahl with Mini Popadoms.  

After that banquet, we’ve kept dessert simple, tasty, and a bit elegant with a Coffee Affogato with spiced sweet ginger and pistachios.

The music is a fusion of great songs from traditional to rock – we want to help you transform your evening and transport your guests to a different place.


Do You Like the Sound of Oyster Venom’s Guides for Get-togethers?



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